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HIIT or High Intensity Interval

Training combines the major fitness

components of strength, endurance

and the element of speed. A HIIT

workout requires you to push yourself

hard, but only for a short duration. You go

through periods of high activity followed by

short rest periods. This type of workout allows

you to get a lot of work done while keeping the time commitment low.

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 We offer 30-minute guided

HIIT workouts. All sessions

are delivered via Zoom, which

you can connect to via PC or a mobile device. We bring the trainer to you in the most convenient way possible!


All workouts are body weight-based, so you don't need any equipment. If you are new to working out, our trainers will introduce you to modifications for each movement so you can find the right intensity and work within your limitations.


If you can't make it to the

live classes, you can always

watch a replay. We broadcast

the morning sessions in the

evening for your convenience. You get the same great workout, the sense of accountability that comes with showing up at a certain time, and the fun of working out with a group, all at a discounted price.


The system is exactly the same as live classes. Go to "Book a Class", select "Group Class Replay", choose the date/time that works for you, book and your Zoom invitation will be sent to you.

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                                                            While anyone can book individual classes, becoming

a member comes with several

perks. We have two membership tiers to accommodate varying levels of attendance. Both tiers allow you to maintain an account on our site for faster check outs, track attendance, and enter into our quarterly prize giveaways. The higher tier allows for unlimited class attendance at no additional cost over the membership fee.

We have shorter guided workouts you can follow along with in our workout library. These workouts are usually about 10 minutes long and are conveniently divided up by area of focus.

Like our classes, no equipment is required for any of these workouts. So, if you're on the go and want a quick challenging routine available on demand, head over the workout library page.

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